IPS – Innovative Prison Systems

Over the past decade, Qualify Just/IPS has specialized working together with prison systems in Europe to design and implement innovative solutions for prison management. IPS experts have been working since 2002 on Prison Innovation Systems in different countries in Europe. IPS team has visited 28 different correctional systems in more than 32 countries while collecting good practices of prison management processes in 160 prisons.

In Portugal our team worked since 2004 at the PGISP project on the improvement of corporate culture in the prison systems through the implementation of 12 sub-projects (balanced scorecard implementation, CAF, staff training programmes, educational programmes for inmates and communities of practice implementation). In Romania we have been partners of the first strategic project financed by ESF “Credem in Schimbare” on increasing the chances of the reintegration of inmates through changes in the prison management system. QJ/IPS supported the conceptual design and implementation of EXOCOP network (www.exocop.eu), a European Best Practices Network on the Reintegration of Ex-offenders which comprises most prison services in Europe; and are partners of the EVALVET project focused on testing an international research model for evaluating and measuring qualitative and quantitative participation in the Vocational and Educational Training systems of the main social disadvantaged groups, including offenders.

Qualify Just/IPS develops integrated projects, caring for change management in complex organizations as prisons, while developing and implementing new programs both targeting staff and top management and offenders.

It’s approach considers three main pillars complementary and non exclusive:

_Strategic Management
Supporting prison systems in the design and implementation of strategic performance management systems; the implementation of quality systems and the development of a vision for offenders rehabilitation through education, training and work; learning from other prison systems and projects run over the world; providing access to a wide network
of international experts and supporting prison privatization.

Supporting offender rehabilitation, restorative justice, and reduction of recidivism – making it possible for the ex-offenders to pursue a life without crime – bridging with community organizations through the development of innovative rehabilitation programs; supporting the implementation of in-prison health programs.

_Processes & systems
Developing and implementing systems that support knowledge management and staff competence development in prisons; secure systems for inmate training and learning; e-health and telemedicine solutions; inmate activity management systems; security systems; facilities management solutions and different prison management technologies that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of complex prison systems.