Project Update 15th of May 2015

Gathering in its consortia Romanian, Portuguese, Turkish, very recently Belgium partners and Europris (representing Prison Services across Europe), ECOPRIS (Ecological Economics in Prison Work Administration) project intends to prepare prison staff to develop and manage “prison work”; to provide opportunities for inmates’ skills development; and also to increase the generation of own funds to be allocated to the fulfilment of prison’s mission.

ECOPRIS emphasizes transversal targeted skills: management, entrepreneurship, prison work and industries awareness, ecology, marketing, communication, ICT, teamwork and integrated reintegration, as core enablers to staff engagement in prison work sustainable development.

The project team started their work in December 2014 with the initial development of the first output Prison work models critical review. The outcome will be a framework to support existent prison work models in prison systems (national and international) comparison and analysis to facilitate practices and knowledge exchange.

As shown in the figure below, initially we developed a Prison work comparison framework proposal and filling instructions, after gathering and reviewing EU prison models and programs in project targeted skills. The framework was then pretested by the Turkish, Romanian, and Portuguese and, as said before, more recently, Belgium, prison administrations by identifying one prison work practice. After reviewing the feedback from all of the partners, we delivered a final prison work framework structure in April 2015.

At this stage, the Romanian, Turkish and Portuguese prison services (with the support of the other partners) are further completing the framework capturing a more comprehensive picture of its national prison work models. The following steps will be to work on a comparison synthesis using the national and transnational information; use the prison work practices to prepare staff skills trainings; and select the most promising ones to be inserted in a catalogue.

Foreseen to be concluded in the next month, the prison work models critical review will establish a comparison in terms of structured in five major dimensions: (1) Concepts, scope and modalities; (2) Management & structure; (3) Market; (4) Marketing & communication and (5) Labour Reintegration.

If you want to learn more about our project, please get in touch with Tiago Leitão, IPS – Innovative Prison Systems, [email protected]

IPS Team, Pedro Neves, Susana Reis and Tiago Leitão.

[1] Belgian Prison Services entered as associated partner due to Europris intermediation and sent most recently the Prison work framework filled with a prison work practice and feedback to improve it.