ECOPRIS has developed 8 products:

1. Prison Work Models Critical Review

A framework that support the comparison between existing prison models in national and international prison systems.

2. “Prison Work” administration assessment tool

Online prison staff self-assessment on key competences supporting staff capacity monitoring.

3. Course Curriculum and Program

Prison work conjoint learning and teaching curriculum.

4. ICT Prison Work Development and Management Tool

Open source management application tool and learning management system platform.

5. Conjoint Course Manual and Guide

Over 155 learning objects organized in 14 modules, piloted in 3 Prison Systems with more than 48 prison staff. New learning and teaching manual and guide.

6. Prison work Business Plans Implementation manual

A manual on piloting prison work creation in prisons with different country specifications.

7. Consulting and Coaching Manual

A manual focused on coaching and consultancy sessions experience provided in prison services under “work based” approach.

8. Prison Work Catalogue

The actions with best results and impact in prison work implementation will be selected and presented in the catalogue.