Timisoara Prison

Timisoara prison is a public prison. Our institution is situated in Timisoara town, in west part of ROMANIA. In our prison there are now 1200 inmates and the number of staff is 313. Timisoara Prison is a public institution financed from public budget but we also receive money from our economical activities. Timisoara’s prison are incarcerated inmates in semi-open regime and open-regime but also for short time preventive arrested, all of them adults and male. Timisoara Penitentiary is subordinated at National Administration of Penitentiaries from Romania and coordinated by a Director and three vice directors for safety department, economical-administrative department and social reintegration department. By definition our institution’s mission is ensuring the safety of the incarcerated persons, but we also support them in order to reintegrate into society.

From many years Timişoara Prison is on the first place in Romanian prison system with number of inmates involved in working activities and incomes from their work. From contracts with business companies which use inmates at work we obtain important incomes. Our institution interests for developing the economical activities increase in last years. In that way we can mention that we have now agricultural activities like gardening and farm in Buzias. Also, we have a lot of partnership with NGO’s and public institutions. In partnership we develop a lot of social reintegration activities for inmates and implemented European projects. In last years Penitenciarul Timisoara was involved in implementation of European projects coordinated by our national administration and also our projects. Between 2009-2012 in the project “Creşterea şanselor de incluziune socială a persoanelor aflate în detenţie prin o mai bună educaţie, informare a societăţii şi îmbunătăţirea activităţilor în penitenciar” in. Timisoara Prison we implemented quality system Common Assessment Framework (CAF).