University of Beira Interior

The University of Beira Interior is today a landmark institution at national and international level of education, research, innovation and entrepreneurship.Relying increasingly on quality, UBI has invested in creating well-equipped laboratories; in the expansion of its facilities – either dedicated to teaching and research activities, such as those required to offer their students the best working conditions and social support – in the progressive involvement in national and international research projects; and also in a highly qualified teaching staff. The evolution of the number of programmes and number of students has been increasing over the years, having already surpassed the 7000 students from across the country and 200 from all over the world. Always willing to provide a solid background in several different knowledge’s, UBI currently has 27 first cycle programmes, 47 second cycle programmes and 26 third cycle programmes distributed through five faculties: Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Letters and Faculty of Health Sciences.
In terms of manpower, UBI currently has more than 600 teachers and 270 employees in its five faculties and fourteen departments.

The University of Beira Interior (UBI) is a young University (founded in 1986) that is strongly devoted to conducting worldwide leading research in strategic areas of knowledge. The UBIaims to promote excellent research according to international standards and contributing to the social and economic development of the region and the country in a sustainable way.A culture of research excellence is strategic to achieving these objectives. Scientific research is the engine of modern societies and is key to a university that seeks to achieve global recognition. This iswhy our research policy is focused on excellence within and across scientific fields, at European level and beyond. The level of excellence in scientific research is the hallmark that defines the international prestige and visibility of any university. The researchers who develop their activity within the Research Units at the UBI are at the core of our culture of research excellence. These Research Units are integrated into the Coordinating Research Institute (ICI), which aims to promote research, fostering the connection between areas of knowledge and the implementation of multidisciplinary teams in order to enhance the capacity of international acknowledgement of the scientific research of the UBI (…). The UBI is currently home to 9 Research Units, 3 Delegations of Research Units and 2 Delegations of Associated Laboratories covering almost all fields of knowledge. These Research Units, half of which were rated “Very Good” or “Excellent” in an evaluation process conducted by the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation (FCT).

BSafe LAB – law enforcement, justice and public safety laboratory is an interdisciplinary research centre aiming to foster and develop new research in the fields of law enforcement, justice and public safety in scientific areas ranging from arts & humanities (including law, history and philosophy), biological & medical sciences, physical sciences & engineering, social & behavioral sciences & education.Its main objectives consist of fostering the advancement of knowledge and the reinforcement of SME competitiveness in the fields of law enforcement, public safety and national security through:the development of new research projects (involving public organizations, private sector and government agencies);the technical supervision of master’s and PhD thesis;the implementation of innovation demonstration actions (pilots) involving SME’s and public sector agencies;the establishment of partnerships with research and government institutions worldwide; providing technical assistance to third parties (companies and government agencies).